Samsung Washing Machines- washer & Dryer 7-18kg


18 KGS

Size (L x W x H cm): 84.5 x 74.5 x 105.5



Fewer loads, longer for me With a large capacity de18 kg (10 kg drying) means you can wash more clothes in one load, saving time and effort.

Fewer loads, longer for me

Effective cleaning Bubble echo deep cleans your clothing ™ foam, which penetrates rapidly and deeply into the fabric during the washing process. Waterfalls in several directions allow penetration and optimize washing detergent.

Effective cleaning

Autodispensador Samsung autodispensador supplies the optimal quantity of detergent in each load. Sufficient to fill the compartment once a month * and the appropriate amount to the wash cycle shall be released.

* Based on internal testing using 5 kg load, four times a week.


Crystal Blue Door The element at first sight is the wide door with Crystal Blue finish that reflects light and creates a spectrum of colors.

Crystal Blue Door

Air Wash, Sanitize your clothes air The Air Wash technology deodorizes and sanitizes your clothes and bedding to always smell fresh and clean. Using hot air, removes odors, bacteria and germs without the need to boil or placing chemicals.

Air Wash, Sanitize your clothes air

VRT Technology The innovative technology VRT (Vibration Reduction) Samsung allows you to wash at any time of day or night to reduce noise and vibration level during the wash cycle using 3D vibration sensors that detect and automatically control the vibration of the drum .

VRT Technology

Digital Inverter The motor brushless Digital Inverter ensures low wear and high energy efficiency through the use of permanent magnets power. Works without an additional power supply, so offers a 10 year warranty.

Digital Inverter

Smart Check Check Smart automatically monitors system errors. Detects problems and gives quick and easy through your smartphone with Led scanning solutions. You no longer need technical assistance whenever you have a problem with your washer-dryer.

Smart Check

Drum washing Eco This function keeps the drum clean only with hot water, no chemicals. It also automatically notifies you when you must run the Eco wash drum after 40 wash cycles.

Drum washing Eco

Tina Diamond With most conventional machines, tissue can be caught by the water outlet holes and be damaged. With diamond-shaped design, the holes are smaller, which prevents the clothes are mistreated and kept like new for longer.

Tina Diamond

Washing capacity (kg): 18
Drying capacity (kg): 10
Spin speed: 1,100
Size (L x W x H cm): 84.5 x 74.5 x 105.5
Weight (kg): 109
Drying capacity (kg): 10
Color: Stainless Platinum (Inox)
Door: TOC Door (Crystal Blue)
Screen: LED
Spin speed: 1,100
Bubble Technology: Yes
Engine: Inverter
VRT: Yes
Auto Dispenser: Yes
Smart Check: Yes
Childproof: Yes
Term delayed: Yes
Type tina: Tina Diamond
Drying levels: Timed Dry, Sensitive, Extra Dry, Normal drying
Stop & Add: Yes
Water Plus: Yes
Drying levels: 5 EA


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6-9kg, 5-7kg, 5-8kg, 8-12kg, 10-18kg


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