Samsung TV Smart Curve SUHD 55-78”


  • 3xUSB (MOVIE)



Sensational picture and premium colour beyond anything you’ve seen before
The television of tomorrow is here today. Presenting the JS9500—the premium SUHD TV that goes beyond industry standards. Get closer to life on TV than ever before with sensational ultra-high definition pictures that take you to the visual beyond. View an even wider range of brilliant and vibrant colours enhanced to be so lifelike, they stimulate more than just your sight for a total sensory experience that makes everything you watch seem real. Using ground breaking Nano Crystal Technology, the backlight panel emits radiant light to create outstandingly precise and rich colours. Experience a spectacular range of shades, along with the deepest of blacks and most pristine whites that come to life in the most magical way. Prepare to discover Samsung’s all-new SUHD TV, designed to excite all your senses.
Sensational picture and premium colour beyond anything you’ve seen before
Through Samsung’s unique re-mastering algorithm, the video source of a non-SUHD content is analysed and remastered so that the content can be displayed as close to what’s intended by the content creator.
Enjoy the pure artistry of Chamfer Design
Whether it’s on or off, the Samsung JS9500 is a masterpiece worthy of a spot in the finest of art galleries. Framed with a unique Chamfered Bezel that beautifully angles inward, it immerses you deeper into the picture, not only redefining your space, but gorgeously standing out when mounted on your wall. It also features real metal construction with a matte finish designed to reduce glare for more comfortable viewing. The new V-Beam Stand is also subtle and unobtrusive, creating an elegant floating impression that deepens the immersive viewing experience even further.
Enjoy the pure artistry of Chamfer Design
Better optimisation for superior picture quality
Samsung’s advanced segmented dimming technology lets you enjoy much more vivid and dramatic viewing with deeper black and purer white shades. Micro Dimming Pro processes the image by dividing it up into twice as many blocks than standard Micro Dimming, delivering even more powerful contrast enhancement that lets you enjoy all your entertainment with images more defined than ever.
Better optimisation for superior picture quality
See amazing brightness in the darkest scenes
Peak Illuminator heightens luminosity by boosting the LED backlights in bright areas of the screen. So when light appears in dark areas, like streetlights illuminating a cityscape, the moment is even more enchanting.
See amazing brightness in the darkest scenes
Experience the most immersive viewing that only a curved TV can give
Samsung’s revolutionary Curved TV takes you into the new world of immersive viewing and makes you feel as though you are right in the middle of the excitement. The UHD screen is curved at the right angle to provide the best viewing distance for your living room. Also, the gently curved UHD screen gives you uniform and balanced viewing from all areas of the screen. See the finest UHD picture quality, depth and detail a UHD screen has to offer.
Experience the most immersive viewing that only a curved TV can give
Realistic viewing with automatic depth enhancement
Flat images come to life for a surreal viewing experience with Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer. Your Samsung Curved TV will give you a greater feeling of depth by applying different levels of contrast enhancement to different areas and objects of the screen, making your entertainment more immersive and enjoyable. Cinematic shots of deep majestic valleys or mountain tops with sweeping panoramas seem even more breathtaking. You truly have to see it to believe it.
Realistic viewing with automatic depth enhancement
4 times the Full HD resolution
Ultra HD viewing means you can see every intricate detail on the screen clearer than ever. Your Samsung UHD TV offers a resolution four times higher than Full HD, with accurate true-to-life colour. Enjoy a picture that’s optimised for even greater clarity and detail than you’ve ever seen before.
4 times the Full HD resolution
A smarter TV that gets you right to your content instantly
Your gateway to the all-new, smarter TV experience is right at the bottom of the screen, so you never lose sight of your current entertainment. The fun-to-use Smart TV menu bar gives you faster, smoother and truly intuitive access to all the content you love. There’s no need to fumble around searching for the content you want—it remembers your history, placing your most frequently used content right before your eyes on the menu bar so it’s easier than ever to find your favourite content. You can even explore exciting new kinds of content, because Samsung Smart TV continuously recommends new featured content that you may enjoy. Discover the most seamless Smart TV experience yet.
A smarter TV that gets you right to your content instantly
Now you can truly enjoy all your Smart TV content and features with ease
Say goodbye to those boring user manuals and say hello to an easier, more intuitive Smart TV that lets you dive straight into the content. It’s fast, powerful, full of fun, and most of all, easy to use. It puts all your favourite content right at your fingertips on an incredibly simplified Smart Hub that’s blazingly fast, thanks to Samsung’s Octa Core processor. It turns on in an instant, lets you zip between content and also remembers what you were watching for super quick playback. With all that power, you can multitask with ease, searching for content or information without leaving the show you’re watching. Your Smart TV experience just got a whole lot better.
Now you can truly enjoy all your Smart TV content and features with ease
Your TV and mobile devices in perfect sync
Samsung Easy Sharing makes it easy to share content between your TV and mobile effortlessly. Whether it’s a fun video on your smartphone you want to share with family, or that must-see TV show you were watching on the way home that just has to get on the big screen so you can free your hands. Samsung Smart TV picks up the signal when your device is close and seamlessly plays the content in the optimal resolution for the big screen. It works the other way around, too, letting you go mobile right away so you can freely move about your house while viewing your favourite content on your device. Perfectly seamless and perfectly in sync.
Your TV and mobile devices in perfect sync
Get your TV to brief you every morning
Do you reach for your smartphone every morning to check the time and your schedule, and then turn your TV on to check the weather and news? Now, you can start the day with a personalised daily brief on your Samsung TV that takes care of all of them, on a big screen. Working in sync with the alarm set on your smartphone, your Samsung TV will automatically turn on and give you all the information you need to get your day started fresh. Meeting? Umbrella? Anniversary? Check, check and check.
Get your TV to brief you every morning
Content that suits your lifestyle
Samsung Smart TVs are designed to give you what you really want and match your lifestyle, with smart apps that make life at home more fun and full of great experiences. Chefs will love the food app, while sports fans will cheer the dynamic new sport app. It also has a fitness app for those who want to stay in shape, an art education app that’s great for kids, and a next-level gaming app that gamers will rave about, with a wide range of titles to choose from and easy pairing with your mobile or wearable as a controller. This is just the beginning of the amazing customised contents and services you can expect.
Content that suits your lifestyle

UHD upscaling enhances the quality of all of your viewing

Thanks to the Samsung UHD Picture Engine, you can enjoy various kinds of content with near UHD-level picture quality, even if it’s not from a UHD source. Samsung’s innovative 4-step Super Resolution Scaling technology enhances broadcast TV shows and movies as well as video on demand and more. That means not only does it process UHD sources at crisp 4K resolution, it even converts lower-resolution content to a level of clarity that’s almost like Ultra High Definition.
UHD upscaling enhances the quality of all of your viewing

Creates deeper blacks, purer whites, and enhanced colour and detail in every image

Samsung raises the bar even higher with a special technology called UHD Dimming. UHD’s higher resolution also means that the picture needs more processing for reproducing all the details. For that, this amazing picture technology separates the screen into sections and then calculates all the precise contrast, colour, and detail levels needed for each part to perfect the image overall. That’s why Samsung UHD dimming technology has been developed to process black and white as optimally as possible and produce colours that are far more vivid.
Creates deeper blacks, purer whites, and enhanced colour and detail in every image

Experience life-enriching apps on your Smart TV

Content is everything, and Samsung Smart TV has you fully covered. Enjoy tons of amazing apps and surf the web to your heart’s content in the most seamless, intuitive way possible. Simply swipe left or right to view customised app recommendations, new featured apps and more, all at a glance. It even has an improved web browser app that gives you quick access to popular websites in your region all with a single click of a button, and without having to type in the URL.
Experience life-enriching apps on your Smart TV

Instantly switch back and play right from where you left off

What’s the point of having all those apps and features on a smart TV if they are hard to use? With Samsung Smart TVs, switching between various kinds of content is now as easy as changing your TV channel. Instantly and seamlessly switch to live TV while watching a video online, and the other way around. And when you return to your video, Samsung Smart TV remembers your activity and picks up and plays your video from right where you left off. It’s time to enjoy a truly smart home entertainment experience.
Instantly switch back and play right from where you left off

Powerful Octa Core processor for speedy performance

Operating multiple functions at once doesn’t mean slower performance. We’ve upgraded the new Smart TV with the Octa Core Processor making it exceedingly faster than its predecessor. With even more speed, it’s the ultimate upgrade that can handle all the old and new amazing capabilities of the Smart TV. The extra power makes your entertainment experience faster and more enjoyable, with less waiting and more viewing.
Powerful Octa Core processor for speedy performance

More vibrant colours for better images

Using an advanced picture quality improvement algorithm, Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer drastically improves the quality of any image and uncovers hidden details. Now see colours as they were meant to be seen with Wide Colour Enhancer.
More vibrant colours for better images

Clear Motion Rate minimises motion blur

Thanks to Samsung’s advanced Clear Motion Rate (CMR) technology, even fast moving scenes are delivered with clarity. A higher CMR means clearer viewing and less motion blur, so you can enjoy action films, sports and other entertainment at their very best. This technology is possible due to an enhanced panel refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology. That means viewing that’s clearly better.
Clear Motion Rate minimises motion blur

Tons of sensational games to keep you at the edge of your seat

Samsung Smart TV takes gaming to the next level with a much wider selection of sensational, dynamic games and support for all your devices. From family-friendly to racing and even action packed shooters, you can now enjoy titles that cater to all your gaming tastes. Gaming on the big screen is more fun than ever with support for multiple devices, including game pads, mobile apps and even wearables. You can also explore spotlighted game content right from the games service menu. Game on.
Tons of sensational games to keep you at the edge of your seat

Bringing a full multimedia experience into your living room

With High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs, the Samsung TV will transform your living room into a multimedia entertainment centre. HDMI provides high-speed transmission of high definition digital data from multiple devices straight into your TV.
Bringing a full multimedia experience into your living room

Watch movies from your USB

With ConnectShare Movie, simply plug your USB memory drive or HDD into the TV and instantaneously enjoy movies, photos or music. Now, you can experience a wide variety of content in the comfort of your living room on your TV.
Watch movies from your USB

Access the Internet without wires

With Wireless LAN Built-in, streamline your TV’s connectivity capabilities without adding more external devices and maintain its attractive design.
Access the Internet without wires

Series Design
9 Design
Display Grande Chamfer
Screen Size Bezel Type
78″ VNB
Resolution Slim Type
3840 x 2160 Ultra Slim
Ultra Clear Panel Front Colour
Ultra Clear Pro Silver
Screen Curvature Light Effect (Deco)
4,200 R Yes
Stand Type
Video Y-Shape
Picture Engine Swivel (Left/Right)
SUHD Remastering Engine N/A
Clear Motion Rate Camera Type
1,200 N/A
Dynamic Contrast Ratio Additional Feature
Mega Contrast Samsung 3D
Micro Dimming Yes
UHD Dimmng 3D Converter
Precision Black (Local Dimming) Yes
Precision Black Pro Instant On
Wide Colour Enhancer (Plus) Yes
Wide Color Gamut N/A
Yes Quad Core+
Color Accuracy Yes
Yes Accessibility
Auto Depth Enhancer Enlarge / High Contrast
Yes Digital Clean View
Film Mode Yes
Yes Auto Channel Search
Natural Mode Support Yes
Yes Auto Power Off
Audio Yes
Dolby MS10 / MS110 Clock&On/Off Timer
Yes N/A
DTS Studio Sound / DNSe+ Sleep Timer
DTS Premium Sound / DTS Premium Sound 5.1            BD Wise Plus
DTS Premium Sound 5.1 Yes
3D Sound Caption (Subtitle)
Yes Yes
Auto Volume Leveler ConnectShare™ (USB 2.0)
N/A Yes
Sound Output (RMS) AC/DC TV
70 W (L: 20 W, R: 20 W, Woofer: 15 W x 2) N/A
Speaker Type Screen Capture
4.2CH (Front Firing) N/A
Woofer Sound Capture
Yes (Dual Woofer) N/A
HD Audio Embeded POP
Yes Yes
Smart TV EPG
Smart Hub Yes
Yes Extended PVR
Samsung SMART TV Yes
Yes Game Mode
On TV Yes
N/A History
Movies & TV Shows N/A
N/A Multiroom Compatible
Multimedia Yes
N/A OSD Language
Apps Local Languages
Yes Picture-In-Picture
News On Yes
N/A USB HID Support
Games Yes
(UAE: Yes) Smart Evolution Support
My Space Yes
N/A TV SoundConnect
Social Yes
Social TV 2.0 (14 Countries) Teletext (TTX)
Fitness Yes
N/A Time Shift
Kids Yes
N/A Triple Protector
Multi-Screen (Dual / Quad Screen) N/A
Skype™ on Samsung TV Tizen UX
N/A Eco Feature
Web Browser Eco Mark
Yes N/A
AllShare Control Eco Label
Yes N/A
Search Eco Sensor
N/A Yes
Smart Interaction Energy Efficiency Class
Voice Interaction A
N/A Mercury Content
Voice Control mg
Yes Lead Presence
Camera Built-in Yes
Yes Power
Face recognition Power Supply
Yes AC220-240V 50/60Hz
Motion control Power Consumption (Max)
Yes 517 W
Convergence Power Consumption (Stand-by)
Contents Streaming 0.30 W
N/A Power Consumption (Energy Saving Mode)
Screen Mirroring N/A
N/A Power Consumption (Typical)
Samsung SMART View 217 W
Yes Peak Luminance Ratio
Smart Home 74%
N/A Yearly Power Consumption (EU standard)
Wake On LAN 317 kWh
Yes Dimension
WiDi Package Size (WxHxD)
N/A 1903 x 1201 x 451 mm
WiFi Direct Set Size with Stand (WxHxD)
Yes 1744.2 x 1086.0 x 386.2
Tuner/Broadcasting Set Size without Stand (WxHxD)
DTV Tuner 1744.2 x 1006.7 x 153.8 mm
DVB-T (T2 Ready) Weight
Analog Tuner Package Weight
Yes 67.0 kg
MHP / MHEG / HbbTV / ACAP / GINGA / OHTV Set Weight with Stand
N/A 51.1 kg
Connectivity Set Weight without Stand
HDMI 47.3 kg
4 Accessory
USB 3D Active Glasses (Included)
3 N/A
Component In (Y/Pb/Pr) Remote Controller Model
1 Smart Control
Composite In (AV) Batteries (for Remote Control)
1 (Common Use for Component Y) Yes
Ethernet (LAN) Samsung Smart Control (Included)
1 Yes
Headphone Electric Stand Support
Audio Out (Mini Jack) Electric Wall Mount Support
1 N/A
Digital Audio Out (Optical) Ultra Slim Wall Mount Support
1 N/A
PC In (D-sub) Mini Wall Mount Support
PC/DVI Audio In (Mini Jack) Vesa Wall Mount Support
N/A Yes
RF In (Terrestrial / Cable input) Floor Stand Support
1 / 1 (Common Use for Terrestrial) / 0 N/A
Ex-Link ( RS-232C ) TV Camera (Included)
IR Out IR Extender Cable (Included)
1 N/A
CI Slot Network Speaker (Included)
Scart Wireless Keyboard (Included)
MHL 3 Wireless LAN Adaptor (Included)
N/A Yes
One Connect (Jack) User Manual
Yes Yes
MHL E-Manual
Yes Yes
Dongle Ready (3G / LTE) ANT-Cable
Wireless LAN Adapter Support Power Cable
N/A Yes
Wireless LAN Built-in Slim Gender Cable
802.11ac Yes
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)

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